Officially Licensed National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Glass, Fun gift idea in my opinion

A yesterday. I'm looking for information on the Officially Licensed National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Glass Moose Mug, so i have to tell.

Officially Licensed National Lampoons

You too can now enjoy your eggnog in a Moose Mug just like Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation. These replica Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs are officially licensed by Warner Bros. Studios. Each high quality yet affordably priced mug is individually made from hand molded glass. These festive goblets make unique gifts perfect conversation pieces and unforgettable .... Read more or Check Price

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It arrived on time the same size as those of the film everyone had to fill them and take pictures. Great shot. by hard to please

If you're a Christmas vacation you need these. We bought six and drank our Eggnog while watching the movie. The kids loved it and so did the adults. by JJG1054

Very funny gift idea it was a total success Large enough a little ' difficult to drink out with horns in the way . by Customer

I could not be happier. I was considering those that are less expensive but after some discussion decided on these. by Michael Miller

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