Review CHRISTMAS MOOSE MUG SHOT GLASS, You too can be Clark Griswold

The previous week. I'm looking for information on the CHRISTMAS MOOSE MUG SHOT GLASS, so i have to tell.


After many years of selling a full size glass Moose Mug and after fielding many requests for a smaller version we went ahead and had one designed on our popular glass version. These Mini Moose Mugs look exactly like the full size glass version only they are about 1/3rd of the size and made entirely of plastic. In this fashion they are safe for little hands to hold and use and .... Read more or Check Price

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Great little mug ( shot glass ). It seems very durable and looks just like the one in the film ( only smaller ) These are great for the kids by spamberrype

You have these for my brother and he was thrilled They say it's a mini shot glass but it is actually quite large ( which would be a helluva shot ) probably worth 3 shot. by Cecilia

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